Strategies to Effective Importation Business in Nigeria


Strategies to Effective Importation Business in Nigeria

In today’s article we are going to look at the Strategies to Effective Importation Business in Nigeria. Before now I know most us think that mini importation is only for the government or rich business men who have the money to import large container of goods into the country, but I’m here to tell you that with the use of internet you can easily partake in international trade and start making millions every month. Without wasting much time lets quickly go to the Strategies to Effective Importation Business in Nigeria


1. Identify your target market

Before your start mini importation business you need to identify your target market i.e. what do people need? What product is in demand? What product will help solve people’s problems? These are some questions you must ask yourself before starting the business, you can’t venture into mini importation business without identifying your target market and knowing what they need and be sure the products you are importing is really solving their problems.

2. Buy quality products

People would cease to buy from you once they notice you sell fake product so when importing products from maybe china be sure they are quality products, don’t just go ahead and buy a product because it is cheap make sure it is quality because most of these cheap products are fake and as a starter in the business you would want to build your reputation and give people a reason to always buy from you, so selling quality products is the best way of doing that.

3. Shipping your products

After buying your products the next thing is to bring them into your country(shipping), in bringing the product into your country be sure to select the shipping option that would be faster and cost effective not the ones that would make you wait for like 30 days before the arrive and it is recommended to go for the middle men shipping option because it is less expensive than the merchants option

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4. Marketing your products

If people don’t know about your products they won’t be able to buy it that is why is very important to open a social media account like facebook, instagram, google+ where you can be able to advertise and tell people about your products. You can also do an ad campaign on facebook and link it to your e-commerce website where you sell your products, you can also use newspaper ads and several other platforms to advertise your products because without advertising you are likely not going to market your products

Strategies to Effective Importation Business in Nigeria


  • Cost of advertising

When you start your mini importation obviously you are going to start selling your products on the internet and to do this you need to pay for your products to be advertised on social media platforms like facebook, google+, instagram and some classified websites, whereby you don’t have the money to pay for this adverts you are likely not going to make some sales. So before you embark on mini importation business you need to set aside money for adverts because as a fresher in the business you need to create awareness and tell people out there about your products and convince them to buy from you, if you are not able to advertise people won’t know about your products and probably you would make little or no sales.

  • Delivery and return

This is one of the major challenges you can face when starting your mini importation business in Nigeria. When having your goods delivered you might face problems like getting a lot of returns, not having your goods delivered or your money might hang outside. It is recommended to use personal or self delivery due to the problems you might encounter with these delivery companies or you can also make use of these old companies that have being known to deliver goods without any problems but bear in mind it’s going to cost you, so delivery and return problems are one of the major challenges you might face when starting your mini importation business in Nigeria or any part of the world.

  • High competition

If you go to the internet today you’ll see a lot of people talking about mini importation business and how they are going to venture into the business, this is causing a lot of competition and it might affect you because the higher the competition the less money you are likely to make in the business, you need to know about this before starting your mini importation business.

  • Fake products

In our society now we have a lot of fake products and most times it’s really difficult to differentiate between an original and a fake product. In your mini importation business you are likely to import products especially from china and at a very cheap rate but unfortunately most of these products are fake and you might not be able to notice it. This might pose as a challenge and also spoil your reputation, so be very careful of fake products when starting your mini importation business.

  • Ads account suspension

Like I said earlier as a starter in the mini importation business you are going to make use of social media to advertise your products, in doing this your might have your account suspended at a particular time for policy violation or for one issue or the other. In most cases people have complained about having their facebook ads account suspended, this is likely one of the challenges you might face when starting your mini importation business and will be a big challenge to you because you won’t be able to advertise your products and if you can’t advertise your products you are likely not to make any sales.


The above challenges are not meant to discourage you from starting your mini importation business rather they are meant to prepare and help you be able to handle any of them when they arise.

I believe you have learnt something from this article that will improve and help you succeed in your mini importation business.



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