Do you have a small business or product you would like to make known to thousands of potential customers everyday at a very low cost? we’ve got you covered.

As a way of showing appreciation, we ( has decided to help our website’s visitors who own small or local businesses/products, grow their customers and make more profit using our website.

Our website ( ) attracts over 100,000 unique visitors monthly (3000+ daily) and over 140,000 page views monthly (4500+). 90% of our website’s visitors are purely Nigerians While 83% of these visitors are new people who see your business/product for the first time everyday.

Below are screenshots from our Google Analytics Report, pictures can never lie.

1. Here is the graph of our daily visits from this week, as you can see, over 3000 people visit our website daily which sums up to over 100,000 visits in a month. This number increases every week, below is the statistical report of May 2021.

2. As you can also see below, our website gets over 4500 page views in a day, meaning that your business/product will be seen more than 4500 times in a day and more than 140,000 times in a month, pictures can never lie.

3. The below picture shows that 90% of  our website’s traffic comes from Nigeria which is your number 1 target market. As you can see, out of the 100,000+ monthly visitors to our site, 98,000+ are residing in Nigeria.

4. The best part of this report is that 83% of our monthly visits are new visitors. This means that your business/product is shown to a new audience and new potential customers everyday, giving your business/product more exposure. These new visitors are more likely to patronize you than old visitors.


As you can see below out of 108,244 monthly visits that we had, 102,166 are new visitors! your customers could be among these new visitors, who knows.


1. Lower Packages

Unlike other websites, we have included the weekly advert package. This means you can place your business/product advert on our website for just a week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks depending on your budget.

If neither of our advert packages suit you, you’re also free to discuss with us your budget and the duration you would want your Ad displayed, we’re always ready to help and customize a package that would suit and drive in more profit to you.

2. Free Advert Banner Design

Apart from the lower advert packages and cost we offer, you also get to enjoy free banner design for your business/product you want to advertise.

This means that once you subscribe for any advert package, you don’t need to worry or pay extra cost for your business/product banner. We will design a beautiful banner for your business/product totally free of charge.

3. Reach Target Audience and Potential Buyers

Imagine having your business/product seen by more than 3000 people in a day and more than 100,000 people in a month, not just that, our 4500+ page views in a day shows that your business/product is seen more than 4500 times in a day and more than 140,000 times in a month. Only a business owner hungry for profit, knows what that number means.

And do you even know the best part? 90% of these visitors are purely Nigerians which is your number 1 target market while 83% of these Nigerians are new visitors to our website, meaning that new people get to see your business/product everyday and are more likely to patronize you more than old visitors.

Wrapping up

The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Do you wonder why the rich get richer everyday? because they never let an opportunity pass them by.

For small/local business owners who can’t afford exorbitant advert prices of other websites, this is a golden opportunity for you to make more sales and grow your profit and customers using our website at a very low and affordable cost this 2021.

Advertise your business with us and you’ll have no regrets!

How to Advertise

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