Airtel Freedom Plan Migration Code And Benefits 2023

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Airtel freedom plan

Airtel freedom plan migration code

Do you want enjoy the best flat call rates across any network with your tariff plan? Not to worry, Airtel freedom plan is what you’re looking for and you are going to know more about this plan and the migration code.

Airtel is one of the major and leading telecommunication networks in Nigeria. Over the years, they have won the hearts of millions of Nigerians by providing amazing call and data plans that have kept their subscribers glued to them and still finding ways to provide the best value and satisfaction to their subscribers.

One of their newest release which is the Airtel freedom plan is a tariff plan that gives you freedom to make calls across all local networks at a very flat rate.

Airtel freedom plan benefits

  • 12k/sec flat rate to calls across to all network in Nigeria
  • N4 SMS rate to all network in Nigeria
  • No additional daily charge

With Airtel freedom plan you won’t have to worry or complain about high rate charges by tariff plans when you’re making calls. For as low as 12k/sec you get to talk to your family and friends across all local networks in Nigeria. All thanks to Airtel freedom plan which gives you the freedom to talk more and pay less with no extra daily charges!

Yes! There are no extra hidden charges on Airtel freedom plan. Unlike other tariff plans, Airtel freedom plan charges only 12k/sec from the beginning of your calls till the end. No additional charge on the first few seconds or anything, 12kobo is the only the you pay each second of your call, is that not amazing?

Do you want to migrate to this tariff plan? Alright without wasting more time, let’s quickly see the Airtel tariff plan migration code and few things you might want to know about the tariff plan.

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Airtel freedom plan migration code

The code to migrate to Airtel freedom plan is *121# > Select 5 (Billing & Tariff) > Select 3 (Freedom Plan) and press Ok.

Migrating to Airtel freedom plan is totally free of charge if you haven’t migrated to any other tariff plan in the last 30 days. However if your current Airtel tariff plan is not up to 30 days since you migrated then migrating to Airtel freedom plan or any other plan will cost you around N100.

Once you have successfully migrated, you can now enjoy 12k/sec flat call rates to all local networks across Nigeria.

To check your airtime account balance on Airtel tariff plan dial *123# and your account balance will be displayed to you instantly. To check your airtel data balance dial *140# and details of your Airtel main data and bonus balance will be sent to you shortly.

How do I opt out of Freedom Plan

If you want to deactivate or opt out of Airtel freedom plan then you have to migrate to another tariff plan. To do that, dial *121# > Select 5 (Billing & Tariff) > Select 3 (Freedom Plan) and press Ok. Migrating to another Airtel tariff plan means you have successfully migrated out of Airtel freedom plan.


That’s the Airtel freedom plan migration code and the benefits, if you have migrated to the tariff plan leave a comment below and tell us your experience on the plan. If this post was helpful to you, don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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  • Don’t like this plan, data bonus can’t be used.

  • Don’t like this plan.The network migrated me into this strange plan.

  • I mistakenly migrated to this plan which I don’t think of,I just recharge and they told me to me to press that stupid code I
    Immediately after pressing it,they took my money,I was very upsess about it and my balance remain s empty.chaii!!

  • Rubbish tariff
    Over charges but u advertised 12kobo per second…
    It’s written 12kobo for 1minutes but any other changes u won’t have the account of how it went off?

  • i mistakenly pressed a wrong code as I was recharging and you guys quickly took my money without first asking wat I wanted to do or saying invalid rechrge, informing me to use the right code like other networks. you recharged me with a wrong code ‘cos you know you have a fraudulent motive,otherwise why will u successfully recharge a line with a wrong code.
    even your so called 12k/sec is fraud. You charged me #107 for a call of 2:36 (156secs) which is not supposed to be if you’re true to ur word.This is unfair and against equity and justice to ur loyal customers. I need my money reversed o.

  • It’s a unfair to migrate someone to another tariff plan without his knowledge. While am not bother is this, we have options of other networks. The amount stated will b different from the amount stated. When you lose one customer, lose another one, before you know it, the number of your customers will go down.

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