How to Block My Stolen or Lost MTN Sim Card in Nigeria Very Fast

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How to block my stolen or lost MTN Sim card in Nigeria

How to block my stolen or lost MTN Sim card in Nigeria

Do you know that it is possible to block your stolen or lost MTN sim card in Nigeria? Nobody prays for loss of property or that such a thing should happen. But we always hear of such cases of stolen or lost MTN sim cards in the nook and cranny of Nigeria.

Blocking MTN Sim card or any other Sim card by other network providers can be done using the internet or online means. MTN sim card can also be blocked from another phone when the sim card is lost or stolen. Stay tuned as this article will expositorily reveal this guide to you for knowledge’s sake.

How to block a Lost or Stolen MTN Sim Card Using Internet/Online

To block a Sim Card using the Internet or online means, there are several methods by which you can go about it. But before you take the bold step of blocking your Sim online or through the internet, try calling your number from another phone. It is possible that a Good Samaritan has found it and wants to return it graciously. There are some honest people in the 21st-century world.

If the battery is dead, no one picks up or the SIM card seems to be removed, all network providers (including MTN) agree that you need to get in touch as quickly as possible. They can initiate the SIM card block request from their side immediately.

Several means by which you get in touch with your network providers to initiate Sim block for you include:

  • Call their toll-free number using another phone. For MTN, it is 180.

You can also get in touch with their official social media accounts or customer service email, most of these network providers have staff that are always available to attend to your request with immediate effect especially during work hours.

How to block MTN sim card from another Phone

Do you know that you can block MTN sim card from another Phone? Yes, it is very possible. This is of great advantage if you are able to get quick access to the mobile phone of a colleague or a family member after you lost your Sim Card.

For as many individuals asking if they can block MTN sim card from another Phone, the basic answer is YES. A detailed answer of how to carry out this process has already been given in the subtitle above. Whichever means you want to go about blocking your lost sim card as mentioned above, you will have to do it using another phone which does not have the lost sim card in it.

For more information on what to do once your phone gets missing or stolen, you can watch this short video below.


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How to protect your MTN Sim from being accessed by a third party?

Wondering how to protect your SIM card from being hacked by cyber criminals or any other unauthorized personnel that might accidentally gain access to the sim card either because the sim is lost or stolen? Follow these simple steps to lock your MTN SIM card:

On the home page of your mobile device:

  • Navigate and click on Settings.
  • Scroll to select Security.
  • Click on configure SIM card lock.
  • Click on the “Lock” SIM card.
  • Insert the default PIN code of the MTN SIM card (which is 00000).
  • Press “CHANGE SIM card PIN code” to replace the default PIN code with your unique 4-digit PIN code.
  • Confirm your unique 4-digit PIN code.
  • Switch off and on again to check if the SIM PIN code is activated.

Note that you will always receive a prompt to insert your SIM PIN code every time you remove and insert your SIM card into a device or turn on your device, and the above process will only apply if you have never changed your SIM PIN code. If you enter the wrong PIN by mistake and your SIM card asks for a PUK code, enter the correct PUK code if you have it.

Can’t find your PUK code?

Locate any MTN store nearest to you and visit them, dial 180, or get in touch on their social media client support media (Facebook: @MTNLoaded, Twitter: @MTN180) to avoid destruction to the SIM card.

If you lost your sim card, the individual that will use the sim card for crime will most of the time put it off first and once he/she put it on again, there will be a need to enter the sim card pin of which the person will always want to guess. Once the individual enters the wrong pin 3 times, the sim card will be blocked.


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