How To Check My Phone Number On AIRTEL With Code in 2023

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How to check airtel mobile number

how to check my airtel number details

Do you know how to check and get your airtel phone number with your phone? If not then this post is for you, stay tuned as we walk you through on how you can see your own airtel mobile number incase you forget or don’t know.

Airtel Nigeria is one of the fastest growing telecom operators in Nigeria. The acquired so much users especially due to their mouth watering data plans and reliable fast 4G network services. As a result of this, most people have accumulated more than one airtel sim for the purpose of internet browsing.

Internet freaks like me accumulate more sims in order to enjoy data bonuses and amazing offers offered by the airtel network. Now moving back to the topic, my point is that it is really unusual for us to know the phone number of all the airtel sims we’ve accumulated especially when we don’t use those sims aside for internet browsing.

In this case should we consider them useless? Of course not in one way or another we might still need the services of those sims. I for example have an official email account I registered with my main line but at some point in time, I found it needful to have another email account and since I have already registered an email account with my main line, I wouldn’t want to use it for another email account again.

I wanted to use another airtel phone number that have not being used to register an email account before so how will I use my other airtel sim if I don’t know the phone number details? well forget the long story what I’m trying to say is that in one way or the other you will need the phone number of your other airtel sims either for email account., social media account or form filling.

When such need arises, you’ll be required to put the airtel sims you’re using, in that case would you put an end to what you’re doing because you don’t know your airtel phone number? Of course not, that’s why it’s important to know how to check your own airtel mobile number whenever the need arises.

So without wasting more time let’s head straight to how to check and know your airtel phone number details using your phone.

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How to know my airtel phone number

To find and see your airtel phone number is very easy and straightforward, there’s no point calling a nearby friend or airtel customer care requesting your own airtel mobile number from them, with just a simple code you can have access and get own your airtel phone number anywhere anytime.

Even if you have only one airtel line, it’s possible to forget you phone number at one time or the other. When such happens, you can always use this particular code below to remind yourself of your airtel phone number anytime you forget it.

If you want to check and know your own airtel phone number details using ussd code make sure your airtel sim is properly inserted in your phone. If it’s inserted then dial *121# > Select 3 (Manage My Account) > Select 4 ( My Number)

Once you dial that, your airtel phone number will be displayed to you instantly, you can always check your airtel phone number as many times as you want and it’s totally free of charge.

In cases where you don’t have your phone with you can check your airtel mobile number by using your friend’s phone and locate your name on their phone contacts, there you’ll see your own airtel phone number.

If you have your phone with you, you can flash your nearby friend and ask for your phone number which is displayed on their phone. You can also call airtel customer care on 111 and request for your own airtel phone number.

Knowing your airtel phone number is very beneficial in cases where you’ll be needing it to do something important like filling an important form in the bank or enrolling for your NIMC card etc.

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In Summary

How can 1 know my airtel mobile number

To check and know your own airtel mobile number using ussd code with your phone just dial *121# > Select 3 (Manage My Account) > Select 4 ( My Number) and your airtel phone number will be displayed to you instantly.

In conclusion

That’s how to check your airtel phone number, it’s very easy, fast and straightforward method. if this post was helpful to you don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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