How to Convert Youtube Night Data to Normal Data (MTN & Airtel)

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how to convert youtube night data to normal data on mtn and airtel

Ever been in the situation where you are low on data but you have more than enough YouTube data left? Yes, I have been there and the question has always been, how to convert the YouTube night data into normal data for use.

MTN offers different YouTube Video Streaming plans. They are categorized into all day and night plans. The YouTube night plans are know to have larger data volume and longer validity hours.

The YouTube night plans on MTN include the following;

Price (Naira)YouTube Data ValueValidityUsage Time
50500 MB1 day5 hours (12am – 5am)
2002 GB7 days7 hours (11pm – 6am)


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How to convert youtube night data to normal data on mtn

Now, back to the question. If you are looking for how to convert MTN youtube night data to normal data, here is the truth about it.

You cannot convert youtube night data to normal data on MTN. There are no known codes to do that and I don’t think MTN is planning on providing one. So if you have YouTube night data stacked up on your MTN line already, then you only have two options. You either use it or allow it to expire. There is nothing more you can do about it.

As you can see, the data benefits is massive, but unfortunately it cannot be converted to normal data.

However, since you are looking for YouTube data and also normal data to browse, you can get any of the data + free YouTube plans instead of the YouTube night hourly plans.

The YouTube data + free YouTube plans are a selected set of regular data plans that still gives you additional YouTube night data bonus that you can use to stream videos on YouTube.

Below is a list of data plans that gives you free YouTube night bonus data on MTN.

Price (Naira)Standard Data ValueYoutube Night Data ValueValiditySubscription Code
300350 MB350 MB7 days*131*102#
500750 MB750 MB14 days*131*103#
5001 GB500 MB14 days*131*8 #
5001 GB1 GB7 days*131*142#
1,0002 GB2 GB7 days*131*152#
1,2002 GB4 GB30 daysText 130 to 131
1,5003 GB4 GB30 daysText 131 to 131
2,0004.5 GB4 GB30 daysText 110 to 131
2,5006 GB4 GB30 daysText 147 to 131
3,0008 GB4 GB30 daysText 148 to 131
3,50010 GB4 GB30 daysText 107 to 131
5,00015 GB4 GB30 daysText 116 to 131

Please note that all the plans above have usage period of 7 hours (11pm – 6am).


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How to convert youtube night data to normal data on airtel

On the Airtel network, there are lots of Airtel YouTube video packs. These are data plans that allow you to watch YouTube videos on your device at affordable rates. Cool right?

Among these are the YouTube night packs that give you non-stop access to streaming YouTube videos at night from 1AM – 5AM. They include;

Price (Naira)YouTube Night Data ValueValiditySubscription Code
150300 MB7 days*323*22#
200600 MB30 days*323*21#

If you are looking for how to convert youtube night data to normal data on Airtel, I’m afraid your journey has come to an end here. There are no codes for converting YouTube night data to normal data on Airtel. It cannot be done.

Alternatively, you can go the YouTube plus packs instead. They give you normal data and also YouTube data. They are standard data plans that also give FREE access to YouTube at Night from 1AM-5AM. They include the following.

PriceTotal Data VolumeValidity (Days)Standard DataYoutube DataUSSD


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