How to Stop Auto Renewal on MTN 2023 – Cancel, Opt Out & Deactivate

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How to opt out of auto renewal on mtn

How to stop auto renewal on MTN

MTN offers several data plans, also has plans for an auto-renewal. How can you stop auto-renewal on MTN? Auto-renewal is a feature that automatically helps the user of a network to subscribe to whatever plan after the previous plan gets exhausted.

This auto-renewal feature usually would deduct out of whatever balance is in your account. This feature could get annoying when the credit in your account is deducted just when you need it for something else. It could also get annoying when a plan you temporarily subscribed to gets auto-renewed when the previous one gets exhausted.

That’s why here; we will be discussing the steps that can be executed in stopping an MTN plan from getting auto-renewed. There are about four simple ways of going about this process, and they include the following;

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How to stop mtn auto renewal

  • Dial *131# in your phone’s keypad.
  • Then, tap the ‘1’ icon on the keypad. Icon ‘1’ is for data plans.
  • Then, tap the ‘9’ icon on the keypad. Icon ‘9’ is for the ‘Manage Data’ option.
  • Then, tap the ‘3’ icon on the keypad. Icon ‘3’ is the ‘Cancel Auto Renewal’ option.
  • Tap the bundle whose auto-renewal plan you want to cancel.

Or you could just make the whole process easier by dialing *131*1*9*3#. Then select the bundle you want to opt out of the auto renewal on mtn.

Another easy way to cancel or stop auto renewal on your mtn sim is;

  •  Dial 180 on your phone’s keypad. Then, press the ‘1’ icon. Afterwards, click the ‘2’ icon and click ‘2’ again.

You could also stop the auto-renewal feature via my MTN app. My MTN app is an app that the MTN brand made to make recharges easier for their customers. It also helps to solve the issue of memorizing several USSD codes. To begin the process, follow the procedures below.

  • Tap the ‘My MTN app’ icon on your app store.
  • Tap the ‘Phone Number’ icon.
  • Tap the ‘My Subscriptions’ icon.
  • Tap the toggle bar for the ‘Auto Renewal’ feature.
  • Tap ‘Turn Off.’

Finally you can cancel or opt out of mtn auto renewal by using the mtn smart web.

  • Go to MTN Smart Web. From there, follow the procedures below;
  • Tap the ‘Phone number’ icon.
  • Tap the ‘OTP’ icon.
  • Tap the ‘My Subscription’ icon.
  • Tap the ‘Data Bundle’ icon.
  • Tap the toggle icon for ‘Auto Renewal’

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How to cancel auto renewal on MTN

To cancel auto-renewal on MTN, you’d need to work with a USSD code. You could dial *131#, and then, follow the on-screen prompts. You could also text ‘NO106’ to 131 if you want to stop the auto-renewal of the 1.5GB data plan for 1000naira. The details below represent the different codes for auto-renewal for recharge on MTN.

  • For 25MB Daily Plan, send ‘NO114’ to 131.
  • For 75MB Daily Plan, send ‘NO114’ to 131.
  • For 1GB Daily Plan, send ‘NO155’ to 131.
  • For the 200MB for two days plan, send ‘NO113’ to 131.
  • For the 350MB seven day plan, send ‘NO102’ to 131.
  • For the 750MB seven day plan, send ‘NO103’ to 131.
  • For the 1.5GB data plan, send ‘NO106’ to 131.
  • For the 2GB data plan, send ‘NO130’ to 131.
  • For the 3GB data plan, send ‘NO109’ to 131.
  • For the 3.5GB data plan, send ‘NO110’ to 131.

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