How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On Airtel 2023: Opt Out of Airtel PAYU

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How to opt out of airtel payu

how to stop browsing with airtime on airtel

It’s really annoying when you spend hours on the internet and when you’re done, you realize that you have being using your airtel airtime to browse all along, it can be really painful and frustrating at times especially when you don’t know how stop browsing with airtime on airtel, so in this post you are going to see ways to do that, stay tuned.

Airtel payu is one of the services provided by the airtel network that allows you to browse and surf the internet with your airtime. This usually happens when you run out of data, in this case instead of your internet connection to be cut off, the data deductions will then start coming from your airtime (if you have any). It continues like this until you subscribe for a data plan on airtel.

So basically, you are using your airtel airtime to browse instead of data and most times you might not even realize this until you switch of your data and get that annoying message that pops up on your screen showing you your used sessions and remaining account balance and by the time you realize this, it’s already too late.

You’re charged N3 per 1 MB (N3/MB) on the airtel payu and if you don’t know how to stop it, you’ll end up exhausting your airtime every time you browse with your airtel sim, without further ado let’s quickly see how you can stop or opt out of airtel payu.

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How to stop airtel payu

If you want to stop browsing with your airtime on airtel you need to deactivate the airtel payu. The code to opt out of airtel payu is *400*1#. Once you dial it, this message will be displayed to your screen instantly “You have been unsubscribed from Airtel FREE SURF offer…”.

Another way of deactivating or opting out of airtel payu is by subscribing for an airtel data plan, in the process of doing that, at some point you’ll be asked “What should happen when your bundle finishes?” Select option 1 (Stop My Data). Doing this will enable airtel terminate your internet connection when you exhaust your data and won’t use your airtime for browsing.

If you notice your airtel airtime is still used for browsing even after doing the above instructions then just dial 111 (airtel customer care) tell them your name and explain your reason for calling and they’ll help you out.

Even though airtel payu seems to be beneficial temporarily especially when you don’t have enough airtime to buy a data bundle, on a long run you’ll notice that it’s a waste of money and actually costing you more than buying an airtel data subscription.

Unless it’s only for a very short time or something urgent that requires you to access the internet at a particular moment, if it’s none of that then buying an airtel data bundle is always better and cheaper for you.

In summary

How do I stop airtel airtime from browsing

The code to deactivate or opt out of airtel payu and stop your airtel credit or airtime from being deducted when browsing is *400*1#. You can also stop browsing with your airtime on airtel by Selecting option 1 (Stop My Data) whenever you buy your next data plan or you simply call 111 (airtel customer care) tell them your name and reason for calling and they’ll help you out.


I hope this post has answered you question on how to deactivate and opt out of airtel payu, if it did and was helpful to you feel free to drop your comments below and don’t forget to share this post to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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  • I opt out of Airtel payu and the are still deducting my Airtime

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  • Please airtel should stop this madness, cuz it’s really annoying…I mean am not even the one that Activated this thing for goodness sake

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