• My bank account was blocked due someone that hacked my account and the use for sallary and other business transactions I request to unblock my account with immediate effect account detail 2361198………account name yusuf hamisu isa.i hope my request with look into consideration. Phone number 08067414946

  • I want you to unblock my bank account

  • I closed my account through dialing *966*911# due to someone take my ATM card, but know my card is with me, I need to open my account now
    Thank you.

    • Visit any Zenith Bank close to you, they’ll assist you with that.

  • I closed my account using the *966*911# now I want to unblock it

    • Mercy, In this case, you need to visit any Zenith Bank branch close to you for them to unblock it.

  • I blocked my ATM with my phone because it was lossed, so I went to the bank and take some process and collect a new one, so after when I change my code trying to withdraw money and confirm the ATM, unfortunately they told me invalid transaction please contact your bank for advice

  • My zenith bank account and my card is blocked I do not have access to my money, how do I unblock it without going to bank?

    • Hi Eric,

      Visit any zenith bank branch close to you and stage your complain.

  • I closed my account using the *966*911# now I want to unblock it please help me out with this

    • Hi Festus

      Visit any zenith bank close to you, they will help you do that.

  • Will I pay to unblock my account?

    • Hi Ella
      Unblocking your zenith bank account is free of charge.

  • Lz am not in Nigeria now and I block my account by mistake with *966*911#
    Plz help me to unblock it

  • I dont know what is wrong with my account I can’t withdraw or check balance..and *966# is not working on my phone..is my account blocked??

  • I opened another zenith account with my bvn number, which was working for a while then it’s suddenly went restricted and I really need to use my account

  • Will I be able to receive money even if I restricted my account from debiting through *966*911#

    • Yes you can.

  • I blocked my zenith account using the code because my phone was stolen, but I would like to unblock it now. How do I unlock my account?

  • please i forgot the password to my mobile internet banking please how do i reset the password

  • I blocked my account today using *966*911#, but I want to unblock it now using *966*0# on my alert mobile number unfortunately it said mobile number not connected to any dorminant account. Please help me out with this.

    • I blocked my account using*966*911# because someone have access to my bank account

  • I lost my atm card not quite long and I tried to block it , only to see that my account has been blocked

    How do I unblock it ? I need to get it fixed asap please

    • Hi Esther, you’ll have to visit your bank and get it fixed.

  • I opened the account through my phone and I deposited money there, I went to bank to collect some money, and they told me that my account is restricted, have been going there for the past two months now, they didn’t make any attempt to do it for me

  • How can I access my zenith mobile app if someone login my account

  • In October my account was restricted I went to the bank they said because they have charged me for search fee,, which they later removed, now again this is January they restricted my account again

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