How to Use Tracking ID to Get Your NIN (National Identity Number)

What is tracking ID in NIN?

The NIN registration is one that was made mandatory, why? It is one that will be used to solve the issue of identity management in the country. With your NIN linked to your active sites and networks, you could easily be traced. To brush up that side is the tracking ID that comes with the NIN details. What exactly is tracking ID in NIN?

The tracking ID in NIN is more or less the NIN digits itself, only that it has been refined to work for the process of identifying individuals in the country.

Asides that, the government can get to fix the details of all those who are residing in the country into a specific database system. The database is known as the National Identity Database. The number of digits that comprise the NIN are eleven.

The whole tracking idea is possible because each and every NIN number out there has characters specific to it only. So, you wouldn’t find two or more people with the same NIN. The only time the NIN of an individual ceases to be found within the database is the time that follows his or her death. The commission in charge of the NIN would usually ensure that the person is really dead before erasing his or her details.

Now, how can you know what your tracking ID is? The steps to knowing have been made easy by the NIN. Once you finish the process of NIN enrolment, you would be handed over a transaction document. Then, you would then follow through with the steps below to get your NIN;

Go back to the office that you enrolled for the NIN after five working days. Sometimes, the period may be longer, depending on the time you enrolled. Then, present your transaction slip to the staff at the office to show them proof that you already begun with the process.

Your slip would be processed and the one that has your National Identification Number would be given to you instead.

The NIN digits are usually eleven in number, and fixed to the upper left edge of the sheet given to you.

The tracking ID in NIN comes out to be useful for the following;

  • You would need it to obtain your National ID card
  • You would need it if you need to obtain a national passport
  • You would need it when you need to open an account in a bank
  • It is useful when obtaining a driver’s license
  • It is useful for you to obtain a permanent voter’s card.
  • NIN will be required at the point of tax payment
  • It will be useful when making transactions related to your pension scheme
  • It can be used to check any transactions that may have issues with the security service.

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Can I use my tracking ID to get my NIN number?

So many people have begun to wonder if they could actually use their tracking ID to obtain their NIN number. The answer to that is NO!

The tracking ID is the one that you would get on the slip issued to you after your enrolment processes. What you would need to do would be to head back to the enrolment center, and then, get your NIN! It is then you would be issued the slip that contains the NIN. Usually, you can obtain the final slip a week after you get enrolled for the registration.

Otherwise, if the necessary time frame has passed—i.e., the one given to you by the enrolment center—you can just type *346# on the keypad of your device with the number you used for registration in order to print the NIN slip out.

To have an idea as to whether your NIN is ready, head over to the website for National Identity Management Commission. Scroll down to the home page, and then, click the ‘e-ID card status portal’ icon.

Fill in the details of your first and last name, and then, your NIMC check training identification details on the prompt that appears on your screen. Once you are done with that, you can then click the ‘Check Now’ icon to discover the status of the registration process.

How to use tracking ID to get NIN

On how to use tracking ID to get NIN, it is recommended that you save yourself all the stress and just head over to the site where you enrolled. The tracking ID is the one that you receive after the enrolment process. You cannot use your tracking ID to obtain your NIN. After enrolment, your NIN is automatically processed and will be available about seven days after the initial registration.

The slip with the tracking ID is just a document that you need to let the enrolment center know that you already begun the entire process.

The only thing that you can use your tracking ID for is to know the status of your NIMC card. To know that, follow the procedures listed out below;

  • Go to your internet browser, and then, type in this link—
  • Click the icon that says ‘Proceed.’
  • Fill in the spaces left for your first name, last name, and your National Identification number. The digits you fill here should be your tracking ID
  • Then, wait for some time to know the status of your NIMC card.

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How to use tracking ID to get NIN

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39 thoughts on “How to Use Tracking ID to Get Your NIN (National Identity Number)”

    • Hi Okechukwu,

      Go back to your enrolment center and collect your NIN or you can dial *346# with the phone number you used for the enrolment and see if it’s out.

  1. Pls. Hw do I get my NIN, because I have tried the code *346#// but not display the number & I HV done it since 2017

    • Emmanuel make sure you use the phone number you used for the enrolment to dial the code or you head over to the enrolment center and collect your NIN.

  2. I don’t know if there can check my NIN in another enrollment center because where I process it is now far from my location 😞

    • Hi Udeme,

      If it’s to check your NIN you can just dial *346# with the phone number you used for the enrolment and your NIN (if it’s out) will be displayed to you but if you want to get the slip itself and you’re no longer at the location you enrolled, you can go to the nearest enrolment center close to you and fill a card transfer form.

  3. I’ve tried to retrieve my NIN by dialing *346# and I get the prompt “Your request is processing” each time. I’ve tried this countless times to no avail and yet the 20 naira charges is being deducted each time. What else can I do?

    • Hi Oyin,

      When did you enroll for your NIN? are you sure it’s out? and make sure you dial the code with the phone number you used to enroll for your NIN. I just tried mine now and it’s working.

  4. My Nin does not have the Nin number it only have tracking I’d and I have lost the SIM card I registered with how can I retrieve the Nin number?

    • Hi Desmond,
      The tracking ID is the one that you receive after the enrolment process. Now you need to go back to your enrolment center and collect your NIN slip. Your NIN slip is the one that contains your NIN.

      • Good afternoon
        I lost my phone almost three months ago, I tried to retrieve my number back but was told to go do my NIN.
        I did it but to my surprise my full name didn’t appear from the slip that was printed out.
        The name was suppose to be Olabinjo kemi riches on the NIN slip but what I saw was Olabinjo riches… So I was told to go do a remita, my tracking ID was provided and I went to check after two weeks it wasn’t out, now more than a month now is still not out. I’m tired with this whole issues. Now I can’t even retrieve my old line cos that number is my business line.. Pls what should I do?

  5. I did NIN modification last Friday, and I was told my NIN would be out in two weeks time, but that I should pay 5000 so I could collect it in 3 days.

    Now, the question is, is it really working?

    This is because, prior to doing NIN modification, one enrolment centre had reprinted my BVN-generated NIN and told me that it would be validated in 3 days. I paid 3000 for that to happen, but nothing changed. My line was still barred and it is still barred.

    when I lost my phone and reported to MTN office for Simswap, I was told my NIN needed modification. So I went and did the modification–it was an enormous stress. Now, I was told to pay 5000 for faster validation, and that place where I did the initial enrolment had assurred me that once the modification is done, they would follow it up and ensure it gets out soon, but till now, I have not seen anything at all.

    If I buy another line, I can’t activate them until the NIN is validated. What do I do? Can I get another line, will it work?

    • Hi Kings,
      Since your NIN is BVN generated, you have to complete the registration/modification process before it can be valid. This means you can’t register another line until your NIN registration is complete. I’m afraid you have to do what they ask if you want it to be validated faster or you wait patiently for it to be complete.

  6. Please I misplaced the slips they gave me
    Please how can I retrieve it please I really need it.. I how can I get my tracking ID number please

      • Hi
        I did my nin last year and i was giving my tracking slip. But how do i print out the nin slip because i need it for my international passport. I have the num with me but they need the slip

  7. Dear Admin, how do I print bvn generated nin. I have enrollment slip only. Secondally I did change of name(husbands name) so when I enrolled I used my husband’s name. Will my enrolment name carrry my nin number on my slip?

  8. I went to NIN office to change my Date of birth of which I paid 16500,they gave me a slip that I will receive a message,its been up to 3 month now ,what can I do am confuse because I want to use it for passport

    • 16500, wow that is much men, go back there and enquire from them if it is ready. If it is not ready, then try another Center.

  9. Pls admin i.lost my NIN slip but I ve got my nin number back but I wanted to retrieve it they said I should look for my tracking I’d but I dont know how to get my tracking I’d number

  10. After my Nin enrollment, I was told to come back in two weeks time, but I couldn’t because, I was out of town. Now is been a year now, I went there with my Tracking Slip, to the very Center that I did the enrollment. It is an MTN office, they directed me to another place. Hope when I go there I won’t ask fill any form? Because this NiN of a thing has really given me tough time.

  11. How do I get my NIN number with my tracking ID slip? I am not in the country and I have misplaced the number I used to during my enrollment.

  12. please i have done the NIMC for some weeks back now and my number is yet to be out pls this is delaying my application for my Passport, please for the sack of Almighty Allah/God am seriously desperate to get this. am in diaspora to be precise UK.
    Please I beg.


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