MTN Night Plan 1.5GB Code 2023 – How to get 1.5GB & 2GB night plan

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MTN 1.5 gb night plan code

MTN night plan 1.5GB code

The mtn night plan 1.5gb code is a plan that is set into place by MTN is a service that was developed strictly for MTN users. So, to start with, all you need to do is get a well-functioning phone that’s equipped with an MTN SIM. Once you have that ready, you can enjoy the special MTN night time offer! However, you still will need to be equipped with knowledge on how you can start up the plans. For the convenience of its users, MTN works with USSD codes that let their customers know what is available and what isn’t. Here, we will be looking at these codes, and how you can get them activated.

First, you need to know that the MTN night plan 1.5gb code is not available to all of the MTN subscribers. The plan requires that whoever is interested in subscribing joins the MTN Pulse program. The MTN Pulse program is a service that allows MTN users to enjoy so many goodies that aren’t available to the other customers.

Out of these numerous goodies is the MTN night time bundle. To be among those enjoying this amazing goodie, yiu need to first migrate to mtn pulse plan, follow the procedures outlined below to do that.

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Code for mtn pulse migration

Dial *406# on the keypad of your mobile phone. Note that this code only fetches you the right result when you use a MTN SIM.
You would instantly see an on-screen prompt that contains a couple menu options.
You’d see a ‘Migrate to MTN Pulse’ option. Dial ‘1’ to pick that.
Apart from working with the procedures listed above, you could also follow the one described below;
Send a text message to 131. The content of the message should be ‘406.’
You could dial *406*1#
You could also dial *123*2*2#

Migrating to the MTN Pulse plan is totally free of charge if you have stayed more than a month in your current tariff plan, however, if it’s not up to a month since you migrated to your current tariff plan then you need to know that for the above steps to fetch you the desired result, you must first about hundred naira in your account balance. After paying this sum of money once, you wouldn’t need to pay it again though. After getting enrolled in the MTN Pulse plan, you can then go ahead to deal with the night time subscriptions.

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Mtn 1.5 gb night plan code

  • For that, dial *406#
  • After dialing *406# on the keypad of your mobile device, you would instantly receive an on-screen display of options. You would see a menu option for night time bundles.
  • Select the ‘3’ icon on the keypad of your device.
    You will now be prompted with another screen from where you would be told to choose the kind of plan you want to subscribe to. The two plans available are
  • #25 for 250MB.
  • #50 for 500MB
  • To choose the first one, select the ‘1’ icon on your keypad
  • To choose the second one, select ‘2’ icon on your keypad

Immediately you are done with the step discussed above, you will then receive a notification on your phone that requires that you confirm the transaction made. To confirm the transaction, type ‘1’ on your keypad. To return to the main menu, click the ‘0’ icon. You are now opportune to browse and make your downloads at night with the MTN Night Pulse Plan. This mtn night plan is to be used from 11pm to 6am.

To get the mtn night plan 1.5GB plan, all you need to do is repeat the code for #25 for 250MB data plan six times, and the #50 for 500MB data plan three times. The issue about this night plan is that surplus recharge doesn’t roll over to the next night, so you must finish it before 6am. So, in all, only buy data whose total consumption you are sure of.

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