Code to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan 2023 + Benefits

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Airtel smart connect migration code

code to migrate to airtel smart connect

In this one of it kind article, you will learn more about the Airtel Smart Connect plan, benefits and code to migrate to airtel smart connect. Smart Connect plan is an Airtel tariff plan that gives airtime bonus and data bonus on every of your recharge.

Airtel Nigeria offers its prepaid users a wide variety of tariffs depending on the customer’s interest for more data or more than one voice call or even for data and voice calls.

Smart “CONNECT” is Airtel’s tariff plan for prepaid customers that comes by default on getting a new Airtel SIM card and offers an instant 100% bonus on every data plan plus an 8-fold bonus on every top-up that cover both data and voice calls.

During the first three months of using this plan, you can enjoy a 100% data bonus at the end of the month based on the value of your total top-ups. The smart connect tariff plan also offers bonuses on both the voice call and bonus data with each top-up made. This is one of the best Airtel tariff Plans out there.

Benefits of airtel smart connect

Not only does it give bonuses on each top-up made, but Airtel’s Smart Connect tariff plan also offers its customers the following benefits:

  • 800% bonus on each top-up that goes up to 8 times (x8) of any top-up. This bonus includes the main balance, bonus voice, bonus data, social bonus, FAF (Family and Friend Bonus).
  • Double all data purchased.
  • Data bonus at the end of each month based on your top-up for that particular month.
  • You can put in up to 10 Family and Friends mobile numbers.

By recharging on the tariff plan, the customer receives the following: If you top up for ₦100 you will get, Main bonus ₦100; ₦250 vocal bonus; ₦250 data bonus, Social bonus ₦100, Bonus ₦100 for FAF.

In total, for your N100 recharge, you will get the services rated by N800. After 90 days (3 months), customers can enjoy 6X, the value of your total recharges.

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How can I migrate to airtel smart connect

The code to activate or migrate to airtel smart connect is just to buy and register a new Airtel SIM card, insert it into your phone and top up with *126*pin# and you will enjoy eight times (8x) the value of all top-up of ₦100 and above. This airtel tariff plan is available for NEW prepaid customers. To check your airtel smart connect account balance dial*123#.

Note that the bonus is valid for 7 days, but the main account credit does not expire! However, note that the Double Data offer and the 8X airtime bonus are valid for the first 90 days of Airtel sim usage.

How to migrate to airtel smart connect on an old sim

The code to migrate, join or switch back to airtel smart connect on an old sim card is to dial *311# and Select 1 (To Migrate) to airtel smart connect or you dial *121# > Select 5 (Billing & Tariff) > then Select 1  (Smart Connect).


To enjoy any of the above benefits buy a new airtel sim and activate it or you use the code to migrate to airtel smart connect tariff plan if you’re no longer on the tariff plan. Migrating to airtel smart connect is free of charge if your current tariff plan is up to 30 days (1 month) since you migrated, however if your current tariff plan is not up to one month since you migrated to it then migrating to airtel smart connect will cost you N100.

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  • Pls how do I know my airtel previous tariff plan

  • How can I activate Smart connect on my old Airtel SIM? …
    I need help please

    • The code to migrate, join or switch back to airtel smart connect on an old sim card is *121# > Select 5 (Billing & Tariff) > then Select 1 (Smart Connect) or you dial *311# and Select 1 to Migrate.

  • Ive been trying to migrate to Airtel smartconnect
    But it’s still showing freedom plan

    • Make sure that you followed the procedures needed to migrate to airtel smartconnect correctly.

  • I had used the code giving (*121#) for migration to Airtel smart connect but is not effective ( refuses to change to smart connect) please what else can I do?

    • Try using *311#. If you have used the code and your tariff plan didn’t switch back to airtel smart connect then try calling airtel customer care line on 111, they could help you resolve it.

  • Good day to Adebo Peter, just dial *311# and follow the instruction, that is the only way you can get very fast,very easy, because that *121# will not Work

  • What are the benefits attached to airtel smart connect?

  • This article was very helpful. Thank you!

    • ☺👍

  • I have trying to migrate to smart connect from freedom plan using *311# but it is not working

  • Thanks

  • Hello, I’m on smart connect that i do receive data bonus but now if i recharge they don’t give me data bonus any more what cause that?

    • You can only enjoy the bonus for the first 3 months of using your airtel sim.

  • Thanks alot to God who directed me to this solution centre


  • When is the duration That airtime can expired on smart connect

    • Hi Lizzybeth

      The airtime bonus is valid for 7 days.

  • I’ve try to change from Kool max to Smart connect but not working why

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