GLO Night Plan Code for 25, 50 and 100 Naira Browsing 2020


Glo night plan

glo night browsing

Even with the amazing data offers provided by glo, their night browsing plan is still not an exception to this, After flexing their regular data plans you can still flex and enjoy their midnight browsing plans using their code. Tell me is glo not amazing?

Everyone has at a time opted in for glo night browsing plan regardless of whether you already subscribed to a regular plan or not. Glo night browsing plan helps you save your regular data and can be used to download heavy files and documents at a super speed rate.

Yes! the speed is usually fast especially at night when the network is not congested, so you will be able to stream and download during that time without any hassle.

So if you always find yourself browsing till midnight or you have heavy file to stream or download, I recommend this glo night browsing plan code to you, it’s very affordable, you pay less and receive more, tell me what could be better than that?

All you need is to stay awake and make sure your electricity is stable during that midnight if your phone or PC battery is not reliable to avoid rain drops (tears) lol.

Unlike other telecom operators, glo night browsing plan has so many night and weekend packages, you can pick the code of anyone that suits your budget and they’re all affordable.

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Glo night and weekend plan

The glo night and weekend browsing packages includes;

1. N25 – 250MB (12am – 5am)
2. N50 – 500MB (12am – 5am)
3. N100 – 1GB for 5 Days (12am – 5am)
4. N200 – 1.25GB for 1 Day (SUN)
5. N500 – 3GB 2 DAYS (SAT – SUN)

Night plan for glo

The glo night plan are listed below, together with their description, price, validity and code, opt in for any plan that suits you.

Glo night plan for 25

The glo 25 naira night browsing plan is a modest night plan that gives you 250mb. If you’re not downloading heavy files or don’t have much to do on the internet, you can go for this plan.With just N25 you’ll receive 250mb to browse, download or stream your favourite songs or movies online.

This glo night browsing is usable between 12am – 5am, any remaining unused data will be taken back after 5am. You can also opt in for this plan if you always find yourself on the internet till midnight, it can help save your regular data.

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Glo 25 naira night plan code

To activate the glo 25 naira night browsing plan and enjoy 250mb to browse, download or stream your favourite songs or movies online, just dial; *777#

  • Select 1 – Buy Data
  • Select 1 – Buy Data Plan
  • Select 1 or 2 – Auto Renewal or One-Off
  • Select 7 – Night and Weekend Plans
  • Select 1 – N25 for 250mb 1 Day(12am – 5am)

It will be be activated once it’s 12am that very day you subscribed and expires by 5am.

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Glo night plan for 50 naira

With just 50 naira you get a total of 500mb to play around on the internet. This data is not too big or too small but it can serve you if you use it well.

If you have average files to download you can opt in for this night plan, you can still browse, chat and make other downloads with it. It’s valid from 12am – 5am and can not be rolled over to the next day or subscription.

Glo night plan for 100

When it comes to data plan, glo always knows how to serve their customers with the best deals. Glo has proven to be the “grand masters ” of data and still ahead of their competitors with this glo night plan for 100.

Unlike other glo night plans, the glo night plan for 100 gives you a whooping 1gb that is valid for 5 nights starting from the day of subscription. You can still flex your remaining unused data the next night still starting from 12am – 5am till it expires after 5 nights.

However you can still renew this night plan if you exhaust it before the expiry date. If you always stay online till midnight, then this glo night plan for 100 is the best choice for you. You don’t need to subscribe for glo night plan every night using code, you’ll keep enjoying this night plan for 5 nights till it expires or exhausts.

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Glo weekend data plan

Glo night browsing comes with additional” weekend plan” features. After a long hectic week you can relax and have an amazing weekend with fun filled experiences on the internet with the glo weekend browsing plans.

And guess what? it’s affordable too and unlike the glo night browsing plan, this weekend plans are used both day and night till it expires. Relax and flex this weekend with any of the glo weekend plan below.

Glo 500 weekend plan

With just 500 naira you can confidently play around on the internet this weekend. You get an a** whooping 3gb to browse, stream and download anything you want this weekend.

With this plan you can now stream all those HD videos and play online HD games without fear lol. This plan is to be used from 11:59 pm friday to 11:59 pm sunday, that’s 2 days of enjoyment.

The remaining unused data from this weekend plan can be used during week days from 12am to 5am, that’s from monday to friday, 12am – 5am.

Glo 200 for 1.2gb weekend plan

Glo always finds ways to make data very affordable to their users. This glo weekend plan for 200 gives you 1.25gb that will be used from 12am sunday to 11:59pm that same sunday. That’s for one day, it expires once it’s 11:59pm that sunday, unused data will be taken so make sure you exhaust the data before then.

Code for glo night plan

To activate the glo night and weekend browsing plan using the below code, you must have the minimum amount of the night or weekend plan you want to opt in for and of course your glo sim.

Dial; *777# and press send/ok. A menu will be displayed and you’d be prompted to select. Follow this procedures on what to select.

  • Select 1 – Buy Data
  • Select 1 – Buy Data Plan
  • Select 1 or 2 – Auto Renewal or One-Off
  • Select 7 – Night and Weekend Plans
  • Then Select any Night or Weekend Plan you want and then press send/ok.

You’ll receive a message immediately confirming the activation of the night or weekend plan you selected. The plan will be activated and can be used once it gets to the validity time. You can check your glo night balance here GLO NIGHT BALANCE

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