How to Delete, Close and Block My Kuda Bank Account 2023

How to Delete, Close and Block My Kuda Bank Account

How to delete and close my kuda bank account

The Kuda bank app is one that allows you to run all of your banking operations virtually. The bank is one that allows you to transfer and make other payments at zero charges. You also do not have to have money left in your account as a deposit, i.e., you can withdraw all. Now, in a situation where you want to delete and close your Kuda bank account, we will consider several procedures you could work with.

On how to delete and close your Kuda bank account, we will be discussing the following procedures;

First, you would need to cancel any subscriptions that you might have made on the Kuda banking application. However, you need to know that once you activate a plan, the cancellation cannot be done via manual means.

The reason for that is because the plan would renew by itself. Also, if you subscribe for a trial period, you end up losing that subscription after you close your account.

To block subscriptions made on your our Kuda banking app via Android device, follow the steps below;

  • Tap ‘Google Play Store’
  • Ensure you get signed in to the right Google account
  • Tap ‘Menu’
  • Tap ‘Subscriptions’
  • Tap the particular subscription you want to cancel.
  • Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’

You are done.

To block subscriptions made on your Kuda banking app via an Apple device, follow the steps below;

  • Tap ‘Settings’
  • Tap ‘Subscriptions’. In case you do not see ‘Subscriptions’ right away, tap ‘iTunes and App Store’
  • Tap ‘Apple ID’
  • Scroll to the ‘Subscriptions’ page
  • Tap ‘Kuda’
  • Tap the subscription you need to get reviewed.
  • Tap ‘Cancel.’

In case you do not find a ‘Cancel’ option, you need not worry. It means the subscription already got cancelled.

If you made the subscriptions on the Kuda web page, sign into the website. You could also make enquiries from the customer care service. Either way, ensure that you have the subscriptions deactivated before closing down the account.

To delete your kuda account, follow through with any of the procedures below;

-Contact Kuda via ‘Justuseapp

-Send an email to this address—[email protected]. There, request to have your account deleted.

-After that, you could also delete the app from your device by holding it down for long, and then, tapping the ‘Uninstall File’ option.

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How to block my kuda bank account

Kuda would naturally block your account once any suspicious transfer or activity is made on it. That way, they get to regulate your financial activities, and in turn, keep it within the allowed borders. The suspicious activities usually are defined by transfer of very huge amounts to your account.

To block your Kuda bank account, you could contact the customer care service for further details on how to block your Kuda bank account. In case you lose our ATM, or have any other issues with your account, you can easily block your account.

For more details on how to go about this you can also contact kuda bank support on twitter or facebook or you call their helpline for swift response.

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