How To Know Your ETISALAT/9MOBILE Number With Code 2023

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How to check etisalat phone number

how to know your etisalat number

Do you have an etisalat line but don’t know how to check your phone number? Do not worry we’ve got you covered on that. It’s actually easier than you think, with your sim and mobile phone you can actually have access to your 9mobile phone number anytime any day.

Prior to this day, etisalat users have experienced problems in knowing their etisalat phone number. People even resorted to always taking along with them their etisalat sim pack everywhere they went in case the need for their etisalat or 9mobile phone number arises.

But always carrying along your etisalat sim pack around can cause a lot of inconvenience most times and in situations whereby a user loses his sim pack what will he do? It’ll be a very difficult situation for him to access his etisalat phone number, unless maybe the user goes through the process of contacting the etisalat customer care which can take a lot of time.

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Well all we can say is a big thank you to etisalat telecom network because right now you don’t have to go through all that stress again. With their new method of how to check your etisalat phone number, you can always have access and know your 9mobile phone number as long as you have your phone with your etisalat sim card inserted in it.

You’ll be able to check  and know your etisalat or 9mobile phone number conveniently anytime anywhere, so without waster further time let’s see how you can check your etisalat phone number with so much ease.

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How to know your 9mobile number

Ensure the etisalat sim you want to check its number is properly inserted into your phone, if so then

  • Dial *248#

You’ll receive an instant reply of your etisalat mobile number. With this method you can be able to access and know your own etisalat or 9mobile phone number in case you forget your mobile number or your other etisalat sims you want to check their number too, it is much more easier and faster.

Alternatively you can call a nearby colleague close to you and request  your etisalat phone number from them since it’ll will display in their call log or you make a call to etisalat customer care by dialing 200, follow the voice instruction you’ll hear to get your own 9mobile phone number.

In Summary

How can i know my etisalat number

If you want to know or check your own etisalat phone number with code just dial *248# using your etisalat sim and your etisalat phone number will be displayed on your screen instantly.

How to check my 9mobile number

If you want to know or check your own 9mobile phone number with code just dial *248# using your 9mobile sim and your 9mobile phone number will be displayed on your screen instantly.

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In conclusion

That’s how to check and know your etisalat or 9mobile phone number, if this post was helpful to you, do well to share it to your family and friends on the etisalat network using the share buttons on this post.

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