How to Use Bitter Kola to Last Longer in Bed During $ex

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Bitter Kola for $ex

Bitter kola has being prescribed and used for centuries, traditionally to treat illnesses like malaria, cough, lung function and it’s believed to possess aphrodisiac effect which help to enhance $ex performance and make you last longer in bed.

Bitter Kola and Sex
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This nut is a flowering plant from west and central Africa, it has an ellipsoid shape and is about 3-5 cm in length with a dark brown bark that covers it. Bitter kola is common and regarded in high esteem in African countries especially Nigeria. That’s why you’ll never see them lack this nut in their homes. Apart from its other health benefits which we’re going to discuss in this post.

I know you might be asking, does bitter kola help $exually? Well some African men believe that chewing bitter kola before $ex !ntercourse can help give a boost to your stamina and make you last longer during $exual !ntercourse.

So we’re going to discuss how bitter kola can help you $exually with its other health benefits.

$exual Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

Sexual Health Benefits of Bitter Kola
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If you’re having low $exual drive, libid0 or always having premature ejaculati0n during !ntercourse then you should try using bitter kola for $ex drive and to last longer in bed. Bitter kola contains nutrients which can be used to boost your $ex drive. Chewing bitter kola few minutes before !ntercourse will help make you last longer in bed.

Although researches and experiment have being conducted on male rats using bitter kola and it showed some level of effectiveness in boosting their $exual drive.
However this might not really work in individuals who have underlying hormonal problems but may work in healthy individuals.

So if your premature ejaculati0n is caused by a problem related to your hormones we’d advise you to go see your doctor who would recommend supplements that will help boost your hormones.


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Bitter Kola Nut Benefits

Bitter Kola Nut Benefits

Apart from enhancing your $exual drive, Do you know that consuming this nut can also provide essential health benefits to you? below are the health benefits of bitter kola

1. Bitter kola and weight loss

Do you have belly fat and excess weight and wish for them to reduce? then bitter kola is an ideal nut for you. Consuming bitter kola will increase your urge to drink water and drinking more water gives your food a proper digestion. Not only that bitter also acts a hunger suppressant thereby preventing you from always eating which is also a factor that contributes to your weight gain.

2. Bitter kola for eyes

If you’re always having this pressure on your eyeball, you might be in danger of glaucoma and this can lead to your loss of sight blindness. According to a Lagos University Teaching Hospital journal eating bitter kola at least twice a day will help to reduce this pressure in your eyes.

3. Bitter kola for cough

Frequent cough can cause a lot of discomfort to you. If you’re experiencing this, mix a half teaspoon of honey with bitter kola, take it in the morning and before bed at night. It will help relieve your cough.

4. Bitter kola and malaria

Although you shouldn’t rely on bitter kola for this. Experimental studies show that bitter kola contains chemical constituents which can help to fight malaria parasites also reason for it being prescribed by traditional healers for fighting malaria infections but like I said don’t rely on bitter kola for this, better see your doctor if malaria persists.

Other advantages of bitter kola

5. Strengthens immune system

Do you know that low or weak immune system will make you more prone to diseases attack? yes, whatever you do ensure you consume foods that helps to boost immune system. Bitter kola is very effective in doing that because it’s loaded with antioxidants which helps to enhance and improve your immune system thereby making it strong to fight and protect you from any bacteria or foreign disease.

6. Improve strength and metabolism

Having a weak stamina can make you always feel tired whenever you engage in a little work. This can affect you in most areas of your life including your $ex life. Eat one bitter kola in the morning for easy digestion of food and this will in turn boost your metabolism and strength to engage in work/activities throughout the day.

7. Relieves constipation

Constipation can also lead to a lot of discomfort. Anytime you get this feeling. Eat bitter kola, it’ll go a long way in relieving your body system by removing the gas in your system.

8. Maintains respiratory function

Bitter kola has being used traditionally for centuries to treat cold and maintain good respiratory function. It does this by strengthening the fibers and tissues in your lungs.

9. Fights STDs

STDs are diseases that are transmitted through $exual !ntercourse with an infected person. Though bringing a lasting solution to these diseases have proved somehow difficult over the years. However bitter kola contains antibacterial properties which has shown effectiveness in battling $exually transmitted diseases and according to a researcher with the Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency bitter kola could also be used to treat infections associated with HIV.

10. For arthritis

For people suffering from osteoarthritis, bitter kola can be of great help to you. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that affects mainly the joint cartilage and underlying bones, this causes severe pain and stiffness in those areas. Bitter kola has shown positive effects in reducing the pains and stiffness in those areas and enables the joints in those areas to move, this is according to researchers at Obafemi Awolowo University.

11. Prolongs life

In Africa, Nigeria precisely bitter kola is believed to increase one’s longevity. If you go to the villages you’ll notice that elderly people don’t lack this nut in their home. You see them always eating bitter kola because they believe it prolongs their life and this seems to work for them.

12. For smooth voice

Some people claim that this nut helps to smoothen voice. If you have a coarse or crack voice try consuming bitter kola. It will stimulate the mucus production in your vocal tube which will result in you having a smooth sweet voce.

With the $ex benefits of bitter kola and health benefits, I hope you’ve picked something from this post which will help you. If you have decided to include bitter kola in your diet today, remember to consume it in moderation as excess consumption can lead to these side effects.

Quick summary

Can bitter kola make you last longer in bed?

Healthy individuals may last longer in bed using bitter kola, however this might not really work in individuals who have underlying hormonal problems. Researches and experiment have being conducted on male rats using bitter kola and it showed some level of effectiveness in boosting their $exual drive.

Does bitter kola help $exually?

Bitter kola contains nutrients which can be used to boost your $exual drive. African men believe that chewing bitter kola before $exual !ntercourse can help give a boost to your stamina and make you last longer during $exual !ntercourse.


Hope this post have answered your question, does bitter kola help $exually? well if it did don’t forget to share this post to your friends using the share buttons on this post and also tell us what you think about using bitter kola for $ex below.

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