Tiger Nuts and Sperm Count – Boost sperm production without drugs

Tiger nut and sperm production

Tiger nut and sperm production

Tiger nuts when thoroughly blended, bring out a more tasty flavour, are perfect replacement of dietary milk and acts as a very effective aphrodisiac in boosting sperm count sex drive in both men and women. We’re going to find out how it does all these in this post.

Tiger nuts have being in existence for thousands of years and is traced back to the Ancient Egyptians. They were they first cultivate these nuts and even engraved drawings of them in their tombs.

Tiger nuts also known as earth almonds belongs to the sedge family and are commonly spread on the whole planet. These nuts are very common in the northern part of Nigeria and can also be found in the middle east, india, madagascar and mediterranean countries in southern europe.

These nuts when thoroughly blended, bring out a more tasty flavour, are perfect replacement of dietary milk and acts as a very effective aphrodisiac in boosting sex drive in both men and women.

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Does tiger nut increase sperm count

Tiger nut milk drink have being used by men in treating their erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and low libido. Women who experience fertility problems as well have testified to power of these nuts.
Apart from the sexual enhancing power of these nuts, a lot of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients are loaded in these nuts of which their benefits will also be explained in this article.
But before that let’s see the properties of tiger nuts and how it can influence sperm count, sex and erectile dysfunction.

Tiger nuts and sperm count

Testosterone is a sex hormone in male that is responsible for sex drive/libido, sperm production, bone/muscle growth, development of penis, deepening of voice etc.
The production of this testosterone reduces as men age. Which often time can lead to their low sex drive or libido. However tiger nuts are very rich in zinc which increases the production of this testosterone in men and in effect enhances the quantity and quality of sperm in men.

Tiger nuts and erectile dysfunction

Tiger nuts contain an amino acid called arginine. This amino acid acts viagra in boosting sexual energy in men. Not only that, omega 3 is also present in tiger nuts and it allows better flow of blood from the heart to the penis through the arteries which will enable his erection to be turgid and make him last longer during sexual intercourse.

Tiger nuts and sex

There are high levels of non meat protein in tiger nuts which allows it to provide large amount of energy needed during sex. This energy is also important in carrying out heavy activities as well.
Having seen how tiger nuts and sperm work together let’s go to some other health benefits of tiger nuts.

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Health benefits of tiger nuts to man

health benefits of tiger nuts to man

Due to the presence of vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients in these nuts. Tiger nuts have proved to be very helpful not only in boosting sexual drive and sperm but also in the treatment and control of problems associated with diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, obesity, digestion etc.

Benefits of eating tiger nuts

1. Controls Diabetes

Tiger nuts are rich in fiber which are highly recommended for people with diabetics as it helps to regulate and control level of sugar in their blood.

2. Controls Blood Pressure

Arginine in tiger nuts helps to widen the blood vessels for normal blood flow. This allows the blood to flow freely through the blood vessels and makes you to have a normal blood pressure by stabilizing your heart rate. Potassium in tiger nuts also helps in doing this by removing excess sodium from your body system.

3. Controls Weight

Tiger nuts contains high levels of dietary fiber. This helps to satisfy you for a longer time and prevents you from gaining excess weight which comes from overeating.

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4. Controls Digestion

Tiger nuts helps in proper digestion of food, it’s also effective in treating diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowels and other digestive issues. It is also very helpful in keeping your digestive system stimulated by removing harmful toxins from your body and detoxifying your liver.

5. Controls Cancer

Fiber in tiger nuts helps in cleansing and preventing colon cancer (cancer of large intestine) according to the American Cancer Society.

6. Adds Beauty

Tiger nuts contains vitamin E, magnesium and moisturizing properties. Which can give you a flawless and healthy glowing skin. It also stops you from having wrinkles, prevent premature aging sand give you a smooth silky skin.

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Quick summary

Does tiger nuts help in low sperm count?

Tiger nuts help in low sperm count due to the high level of zinc in them which increases the production of this testosterone in men and in effect enhances the quantity and quality of sperm in men

Tiger nuts are very healthy nuts that provide great health benefits to your daily life. Adding these nuts in your diet will not only help to keep you healthy but also plays a great role in improving your sex life. Do well to add these nuts to your diet today to enjoy these benefits.

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