How to Transfer MB from AIRTEL to AIRTEL in 2020 – Easy Method


Transfer mb from airtel to airtel

how to transfer mb from airtel to airtel

Do you want to know how to transfer mb from airtel to airtel? I’m sure you probably have friends that always run out of mb and always disturb you to switch on hotspot for them or share mb to them. Especially if you’re an internet freak like me that can never run out of mb no matter the situation lol.

Switching on hotspot for your friends can be stressing sometimes because you always have to be on a close range with them and most times it drains your battery and if you’re not careful other nearby people will also connect and drain your hard earned data at an instant without you knowing.

So it’s better to transfer or share data specifically to the people you want without having any unauthorized person intruding.

That’s why in this post I’m going to share with you how to transfer mb from airtel to airtel.
Staying without mb these days is very difficult and boring. You always have something to do online either you’re chatting or going through your timeline on social media or you’re watching videos on youtube or you’re streaming your favourite songs on spotify or you’re playing hd games online or your watching netflix etc. the list is endless.

If you know how important data is you wouldn’t want your friends to be left out especially when they’re out of cash to purchase data.


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Airtel telecommunications which is on of the leading service provider in nigeria made it possible for you to transfer or gift your data to your family and friends who are on the airtel network.

By just pressing few codes you can be able to share your data with your family and friends without stress and do you know the good thing about this? there is no range limit to this unlike hotspot that forces you to stay close to the person you’re sharing your data with.

But with airtel smartshare you can share to your family and friends living in abuja while you’re staying in lagos, yes are you surprised? well sharing your mb is very easy without wasting much time let’s get to it.

How to transfer mb from airtel to airtel

You can only transfer 10mb, 25mb, 60mb one at a time, to do this simply dial
*141*712* followed by the code for the amount of mb you want to transfer* recipient’s number#

For 10mb = *141*712*11*recipient’s number#
For 25mb = *141*712*9*recipient’s number#
60mb = *141*712*4*recipient’s number#

You’ll be charged for every transaction you make and this can be done once a day.

I know what some of you are thinking who ‘tf’ is using 10, 25, 60mb in this present time? lol. Don’t worry you can use the above method for “guy send me small data make I check one message for whatsapp” people.

But do you know you can actually transfer unlimited data to your family and friends using airtel?
it’s called airtel smartshare.

In fact they can continue streaming, downloading and chatting non stop as long as you have mb on your sim. Do you want to know how? continue reading.


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Airtel Smartshare

how to share mb from airtel to airtel

Sharing mb and transferring mb are two different things. The aforementioned is how to transfer mb from airtel to airtel but for your family and friends that uses heavy data you can’t transfer data to them you can only share or gift data to them.

Airtel smartshare allows you to share data plans with family and friends on the airtel network. There are two ways of doing this

Airtel Data Gifting

You might have come across these two words several times but don’t know what it means. Data gifting simply means buying data bundle for your family or friends right from your own sim and account.

If your family or friends run out of data you can buy them another airtel data bundle from your own sim and the airtime price for that data plan will be deducted from your own airtime.

It’s just like when you’re subscribing for an airtel data plan but this time it’s going to another person and not to you.

If you don’t have any data to share or transfer to your family and friends you can gift them data from one of the airtel data plans and pay from your airtime.

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How to gift data on airtel

To do this simply dial *141# using your airtel sim
select 6 (data gifting & sharing)
then select 2 (data gifting) with the data plan you want (monthly, weekly, daily etc)
Enter the recipient’s number
Enter your pin

The second one is

Airtel Data Me2U

This simply means sharing your own data bundle with another person. The person you’re sharing your data plan with will have access to the internet in their own device no matter where they are as long as you have data.

If you don’t have enough airtime to gift data to your family and friends you can share data with them from your own data plan if you have enough.

Airtel me2u made it in a way that you can only share your data with four people at a time and the must be added to your airtel family list.

Note: You already have a default pin 1234 assigned to you for your data gifting and sharing but you wouldn’t want to use that right? Unless you want to be gifting and sharing your data with unauthorized persons, so I’d advise you to change your pin to your own personal pin you can remember.

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How to reset my airtel data transfer pin

To reset your airtel data transfer pin dial *141#
select 6 (data gifting & sharing)
then select 1 (change pin) and follow the instructions, it’s very easy.
You can also follow this procedure anytime you want to change your pin.

How to share mb from airtel to airtel

To share mb from airtel to airtel first of all send SHARE as a text message to 121.

You will receive a message from airtel on how to add friends or family members to your airtel family list. This will enable you to share your data with them.

To add members to this list send “ADD Recipient’s number”
if the number you want to add is 080XXXXXXXX
then send “ADD 080XXXXXXXX” to 121

You will receive a message confirming this request, then press 1 to confirm.

From then on the recipients will now have access to your data in their own device until you cancel or delete them from your list

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How to delete number from airtel family list

If you have mistakenly added someone on your airtel family list or you want to remove someone from your list. That’s stopping them from having access to your data it’s very easy.

Just go to your message and send “DEL Receipient’s number” to 121
If you’re stoping 080XXXXXXXX from accessing your data send

DEL 080XXXXXXXX to 121 and that person won’t be able to use your data again and if you want to add them back follow the steps I mentioned before this one.

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