Which MTN Tariff Plan Gives Double Data? + Migration Code

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which mtn tariff plan gives double data

There are several tariff plans on the MTN network and if you are looking for which mtn tariff plan gives you double data whenever you subscribe, then you have come to the right place.

Which mtn tariff plan gives double data?

There is only one tariff plan that gives double data on the MTN network, and that is the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan.

I will be explaining what this tariff plan is about, the different value packages it offers and how you can be able to enjoy these offers including the double data.

MTN Yafun Yafun

The Yafun Yafun is a special tariff plan for new users on the MTN network. It is the default MTN tariff plan for a newly activated SIM card.

The noticeable thing about a default tariff plan is that it comes with huge benefits as a way of welcoming the new user to the Network.

The double data comes in the form of a 100% Data Bonus on purchased Data bundles. Let’s say you purchase 40MB for N100 data bundle. You will get a 100% data bonus, which is 40MB. Together, this totals 80MB for N100.

However, the 100% bonus does not apply to all MTN data bundles but just a few selected ones. Below is a list of the selected data bundles that you can enjoy 100% bonus on.

Bundle Charge (Naira)Data VolumeTotal Data Volume (Double data)Validity
5040 MB80 MB1 day
100100 MB200 MB1 day
200200 MB400 MB3 days
500750 MB1.5 GB7 days
500750 MB1.5 GB14 days
5001 GB2 GB7 days
5002 GB4 GB2 days
10002 GB4 GB7 days
10001.5 GB3 GB30 days
12002 GB4 GB30 days
15003 GB6 GB30 days
20004.5 GB9 GB30 days
350010 GB20 GB30 days
350012 GB24 GB30 days
500020 GB40 GB30 days
800030 GB60 GB60 days
10,00040 GB80 GB30 days
15,00075 GB150 GB30 days


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Aside from these double data benefits, MTN Yafun Yafun also offers other data benefits as well.

On MTN Yafun Yafun, you get a 700% voice and data bonus on every recharge above N100.

For instance if you recharge N100, you will instantly get 300% of it as data bonus for browsing and 400% of it as voice bonus for SMS and calls. Together these add up to 700% of the recharge value.

This offer is valid for 6 months beginning from the day of SIM activation.

Also, the first recharge or first call of every month also gives you a free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus.

I know you are wondering how you can be able to enjoy these benefits. Let’s say how you can activate the double data plan.

To activate the MTN double data, you need to be on the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan. Since it is a default tariff plan, there is no migration code for it. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be on the plan.

To be on MTN Yafun Yafun you need to have a new SIM card. Buy a new SIM, register and activate it and then select MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan. Or just leave it, you will be activated on the Yafun Yafun plan by default.

When you activate your SIM card, you will get a N1000 SIM Activation bonus (N800 for National calls/SMS and N200 for ALL Data activities). This bonus is valid for 7 days.

After activating your new SIM card, you can begin enjoying double data on data bundles.

To check your double data balance simply dial *559*43#. This will show the data bonus and the details about it. Alternatively, you can also dial *131*4# OR Send 2 to 131 to check your data bundle and data bonus.


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How long does mtn double data last

The MTN double data lasts as long as the data bundle that gave you the double data. By this I mean, the 100% data bonus you receive when you purchase one of the selected double data bundles, will have the same validity period as the validity period of that data bundle.

For easier understanding, if you purchase the 2GB for N500 bundle valid for 2 days, the extra 2GB data bonus you will receive will last for 2 days.

For the 1.5GB for N1000 plan which is valid for 30 days, your 100% data bonus will also last 30 days.

On the other hand, the double data offer is not eternal. You will be able to enjoy the 100% Data Bonus on selected data plan purchases for a period of 3 months beginning from when you activated your SIM.

You will continue to receive the 100% data bonus even if you migrate from MTN Yafun Yafun, so long as the 3 months offer period beginning from the day of SIM activation has not elapsed.

This is where most people get it wrong and say they are enjoying double data on another tariff plan after dialing an activation code.

That is not true, the only way to enjoy double data is to be within the 3 months offer period of a newly activated MTN SIM card.

However, you will no longer enjoy the 700% bonus on ALL your recharges if you migrate from MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan.


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